My Approach to Therapy

The psychodynamic therapeutic approach seeks to increase your self-awareness and understanding of how the past has influenced your present thoughts and patterns of relating. This type of therapy can help you deal with emotional and psychological difficulties by taking a compassionate, honest and serious look at what troubles you.

As a psychodynamic practitioner, I will encourage you to explore unresolved issues and conflicts, to talk about important people and relationships in your life. You can then begin to make changes in the way you understand and manage your thoughts and feelings, gradually changing how you relate to yourself and others in a positive, real way.

Therapy may be time limited, using a specific number of sessions to work through a specific problem or an issue that you decide to work on. Or we can work in an open-ended way thinking about a wider range of difficulties, working towards achieving a more sustainable change for you. This would be agreed between us at the beginning and we would plan the ending by reviewing your progress periodically, ending when you are ready.